Natural Sweeteners: Achieving Clean Label Sweetness

SupplySide Education Series


For consumers keeping a keener eye on their personal health, sugar is often among the first ingredients avoided or reduced. However, the role sugar plays as both a sweetener and bulking agent must still be filled. This webinar will cover current trends in sugar reduction and avoidance, trending natural sweeteners filling the gap and formulation tips and best practices to achieve the taste and texture consumers desire without the sugar.


Intro- Sandy Almendarez, Informa Markets

Market Data - Lynn Dornblaser, Director of Innovation and Insight, Mintel

The Unshakeable Presence of Sugar Reduction and Functional Food & Beverages - Andy Dratt, Chief Commercial Officer, Imbibe

Supply Chain - Tim Avila, Founder and President, Systems Bioscience Inc.

Regulatory (Added sugar to labels) - Cory Carter, President, Carter Regulatory Group

Conclusion - Sandy Almendarez, Informa Markets

** There will be a 5 minute Q&A after each speaker**